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Mini bike light kit # 1 early Fox, Speedway, Bonanza, Boonie Bike, Rupp, Ruttman

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Vintage complete 12 volt light kit for early mini bikes with round taillight. Includes chrome smooth shell bottom mount headlight with mounting block, round taillight with metal housing, chrome handlebar switch with flip lever for hi/low beam and push button for engine stop. Complete kit for mini bikes that require bottom mount headlight, can be used on Rupp, Speedway, Fox, Ruttman (# RC268), Sears, Wards, and others. Some brands were equipped with chrome taillight, such as Bonanza, Speedway, etc. The taillight housing can be chrome plated if desired, contact your favorite plating company for details.

The original kits were used with drycell "D" batteries in a small frame mounted box, but can be used with a small 12 volt sealed rechargeable lead acid wet cell like a small motorcycle or atv battery. The sealed type batteries are safe and last quite a while before charging is necessary. Then simply charge the battery when necessary with a trickle charger. Or used with engine alternator.

Can be changed to 6 volt by changing the bulbs and using proper power source voltage. Original light kits had toggle switch in the top of the housing but this kit does NOT include on/off toggle switch because it will require drilling the shell to install. If toggle switch is desired it must be purchased separately and installed by you. Includes drawing and wiring diagram. Regular prices of parts if purchased individually would be $ 131.99.