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AMF Harley Aermacchi taillight MC-65 Shortster, X 90, Z 90, Sprint, M50, M65

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Replacement taillight for AMF / Harley Aermacchi, include M-50, M-65, X 90, Z-90, Sprint, Scat, Bobcat, etc. Fit's ONLY models with taillight bolted on to the fender mount. Similar style, nice replacement to the CEV 9313 with metal housin, Black powder coat finish, tag illumination lens in the bottom. If you find a genuine CEV it will cost a lot more than this. Roughly 4" diameter, 2" mounting hole center to center. Vintage style lens with round spot in the center and ribbed lens. Dual filament Stop and Tail, includes 12 volt bulb. Can be painted, convert to 6 volt by changing the bulb. Lot's of these on the market with a flimsy plastic housing. This one is steel like the original. May have mounting studs installed or just holes for carriage bolts. Limited quantities available.