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Tillotson or Walbro HR/HD to Mikuni snowmobile carburetor conversion kit

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Complete kit to convert any Vintage snowmobile from a diaphragm carburetor to a Mikuni VM series throttle slide carburetor. Increase reliability and performance of your Vintage sled with this upgrade. Can be used to replace Tillotson HR, HD, Keihin CD, CDX, Mikuni BN, BNO, Walbro WR, WD, and WF carburetor on virtually any snowmobile.

Nearly sold out for the season

Two different kit's available, select the correct kit for your conversion based on the size and model of you original carburetor.

Kit 1 - Use to convert the following series diaphragm carburetors with a 2-3/8" mounting pattern - Tillotson HR , Walbro WR, Walbro BDC, Mikuni BN (2-1/4" diameter diaphragm). Kit includes Mikuni VM30S carburetor model.

Kit 2 - Use to convert the following series diaphragm carburetors with a 2-15/16" mounting pattern - Tillotson HD , Walbro WD, Walbro WDA, Walbro WF, Mikuni BN with 2-1/2" diameter diaphragm, Mikuni BNO, Keihin CD & CDX series. Kit includes Mikuni VM34S carburetor model.

Each kit includes all parts shown in the photo's: Carburetor, fuel pump, throttle cable, choke cable, fuel filter, mounting flange. The mounting flange will mount the Mikuni carburetor to the intake in place of the original diaphragm carburetor.

All machines to be converted must have an external crankcase impulse line to operate the Mikuni fuel pump. If there is no fitting in the crankcase for an impulse line then an fitting will need to be installed. The fitting is NOT included in either kit, sold separately.

Cables included in the kits consist of one angled end throttle cable roughly 31" usable length and one straight end choke cable with roughly 23" usable length (see pictures for nominal dimensions).

If your application has less than 6" of clearance above the top of the carburetor it may require choke cable with angled end. If you require other styles of cables please specify when ordering. Angled cables cost more than straight cables and are not a free upgrade. Contact us for other cable options such as oil injection, special lengths, etc.

Can be supplied with lever choke instead of cable choke. If your sled is not equipped with a dash mounted choke we can install the lever choke kit before shipping. Most Bombardier singles will require a Lever Choke! If you select lever choke then the cable will not be included. The choke cable will be deleted from the kit and the lever choke will be added. Please note that a lever choke kit is not a free upgrade.

Note: Final cost will be based on options selected when creating the kit you require for your application. As stated, angled choke cable, lever choke assembly, impulse fitting, and any other changes will alter kit pricing.

Installation Notes: Severely angled engines (engine angled forward in the snowmobile) will require adapters (not in the kit) to make the Mikuni carburetor sit level. Mikuni VM carburetors can run at a slight angle, but being a float type carburetor they need to be close to level as possible.

Mounting flange may need to be drilled as the stud / bolt size for Tillotson carburetors may larger than the holes in the Mikuni mounting flange. It may be better to remove the original studs that held the diaphragm carburetor in place, and switch to allen head bolts for more clearance. If the spigot portion is too close to the stud, using an allen head bolt will achieve a better clamping force to prevent an air leak.

Jetting is trial and error. Carburetor is furnished with jetting based on industry standards for the size of carburetor it replaces, and may not be correct for you engine as received. You may need to replace the main jet and a pilot jet to get the carburetor tuned correctly for your engine. Tuning will be buyers responsibility.

Special Offer: Return your old carburetor as a core and receive cash back!! We will pay you up to $ 30.00 for your old diaphragm carburetor. Simply note on your order that you have a carburetor core to return, and we will email you the details. Once your carburetor core is received, we will access it for damage and missing parts, and send you money via Paypal. Partial carburetors will be accepted if usable. Missing parts OK, but the more complete the carburetor the more it is worth as a core.

Specify Kit number when ordering.