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Carburetor kit for Mikuni BNO carburetor snowmobile, 6 wheeler

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Vintage carburetor kit for Mikuni BNO Double Pumper diaphragm carburetors. This is the kit for the Chaparral Liquid Cooled engines, and also for the Rupp Nitro and Alouette snowmobiles, plus 6 wheelers equipped with Mikuni BNO butterfly type carburetors, the carburetors with pump chamber on both sides of the carburetor. This is a Vintage American made aftermarket kit, not those import kits sold today. Very few kits left in stock. Universal, can be used on any sled equipped with Mikuni BNO carburetor, be great for a Vintage racer. Carburetor kit pictured contains the parts for ONE carburetor. If your application is equipped with dual carburetors you will need two purchase two kits. These were removed from the bag for pictures and to verify condition, shipped in ziploc bag. Please verify carburetor brand before ordering. Chaparral also used Keihin Carburetors, and the BN series Mikuni. See the Keihin kit and Mikuni BN series kits in this section for those carburetors.