Returns & Warranties

The following information is our specific policy on Warranties & Returns.

Product Returns:

We do not accept returns on any item unless it is a Warranty issue. We provide fitment information, sizing and application information in the description of every item we sell. That means that there is no surprises when the parts arrive. We have done our job by providing the information. Please do your job by verifying usability before you purchase. Absolutely NO RETURNS on any parts unless defective. NO RETURNS on any Vintage or Obsolete parts. ALL RETURNS MUST BE APPROVED PRIOR TO ACTUALLY RETURNING THE ITEMS - NO EXCEPTIONS.

No items that have been modified or altered from their original design in any way will be considered for return. This means grinding, sanding, sandblasting, painting, cutting, stripping, welding, scratches, etc. No parts may be bolted on, assembled, tested, plugged in, removed from original package, have destroyed packaging, etc.

All authorized returns will be for credit ONLY. No cash refunds, no paypal refunds. In other words, funds will be refunded as credit on future purchases ONLY.


There are absolutely NO WARRANTIES on any Vintage parts. If the manufacturer has gone out of business, then there obviously is no one to Warranty the item. We are only the seller, not the manufacturer.

New aftermarket parts may be Warrantied by the manufacturer. Contact us if you experience failure of a part and we will provide you with the information for the specific part involved.

Many high risk parts will offer very limited (if any) Warranty. High risk parts are blades, bearings, spindles, engine parts, and any other items subject to high stress, extreme heat, dirty or wet operating conditions, etc. Normal wear and maintenance items such as tires, tubes, belts, hoses, filters, trimmer line, and all electrical are void of any Warranties of any kind.

No parts are Warrantied against improper use or damage from destructive use by the purchaser. In other words, if you buy a new deck spindle and break it because you hit a stump then you get to buy it all over again. We will not even attempt to Warranty any item found to be used in any manner for which it was not designed.

  • The items in our Online Catalog are made available as a service to our customers only. As we have no control of the final use of the items, all items are furnished as is where is - No Returns and No Warranties.
  • Parts listed pertain to models sold in the United States only. Manufacturers use different products lines during the manufacturing process in different Countries. Therefore, the correct part for a USA made machine may not fit the same brand, model and year machine if it was manufactured outside of the USA.
  • Confirm brand, line, year, model and part numbers with our Parts Department if you are unsure before ordering. In other words, send us an email with any questions.
  • DO NOT order anything without verifying the item will fit your specific machine. Do not order first then expect to return the items because they were not what you expected. Walmart offers returns on the Chinese merchandise that they sell. We do not sell items made in China, so therefore we do not accept returns. We suggest Walmart as an alternative if you require the ability to return items you purchase.
  • All parts sold as is where is, NO RETURNS. No Guarantees or Warranties expressed or implied.