The inventory displayed on this site is not live. In other words, even though the site says a certain part is in stock there may be times that it actually is not.

Although we endeavor to keep all parts in stock at all times, occasional Backorders are unavoidable. Backorders occur when there is a discrepancy between the inventory amount we have in our computer system and the actual number available for delivery on the shelves.

Inventory discrepancies happen for several reasons. Theft of parts at our facility, damage due to improper handling, damage due to manufacturing defects, moisture damage, etc. There is also the manufacturers/distributors backorders - Where they promise delivery by a specific date and then do not deliver.

Backorders are more likely to occur on fast moving items, such as fragile parts, high wear parts, and popular items. Sometimes the volume of sales is higher than the production capabilities of manufacturer.

In the event that an item is backordered, a backorder memo will be issued to notify you that the item is temporarily unavailable, along with the expected date in which it will be available, etc. Backorders are automatically shipped when they become available at NO COST.

Most items backordered will become available for delivery within 14 to 21 days, but some make take longer. If the item is backordered for more than 60 days, the backordered item will be cancelled and credit issued to your account for the full amount of the item.

Backorders are not issued on obsolete parts (when the inventory is depleted). Any backorder that occurs on an obsolete part will automatically be cancelled and credit issued to your account.