New User Information

For increased security, all new users who Register for access our our catalog system and Contact form will require approval. If you want to create a user account to access ordering features or to contact us regard products in our catalog, then please complete the online Registration Form and submit it. We check our catalog multiple times daily and our email every few minutes during normal business hours so it will not take very long for your new user account to be approved and activated.

Why do we have this policy? It greatly enhances our security. Every day we have hundreds of visitors from all over the world and people from all over the globe creating user accounts. And some of them do not want to create an account to purchase products. They create fake accounts in attempts to hack this site and steal information.

Even though our website security is up to date and do not store any financial information of any form, we want to be sure our customers private information is protected. We take any attempt to access your Privacy very seriously. By limiting access of persons who are located in Countries where internet criminal activity is common we keep everyone protected.

Only Registered Users can access Contact Form: We apologize for the inconvenience, but there are millions of criminals who use any form of email to send spam. They surf the web with no other purpose than to get a spam message sent to as many addresses as possible. They will settle for attempts at spam through and means possible. From harvested email addresses to spamming through web forms.

Our Online Contact Form has been receiving over 300 spam messages a day. These messages are not sent anywhere, they are deleted before being sent. But they clog our trash folder and slow down our system requiring the folder be emptied multiple times daily.

For a new User to be approved, the following Terms must be met:

  • All contact information must be valid, including email address, phone, etc
  • Email is utilized for order updates, communication and electronic invoices
  • Real names & contact info must be used, information is verified for approval
  • Applications with false or inaccurate information are deleted immediately
  • Persons applying must be from USA or Countries that we will ship to.
  • We do NOT ship to Russia, China, or any countries on the African continent.
  • International orders done by email, and can not be completed in the cart.

By requiring approval for new users we can add an additional layer of security by limiting access to the information they can collect. In other words, they only get to see what is visible on the public pages. They do not have access to the customer area.

Please click the Register link in the My Account box lower down to open your account. Sign In and Registration links are in the My Account box and at the of every page for convenience.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. We know your time is important, but so is your security. We do not want your personal and private information available to the criminal element prevalent in others Countries whose main purpose is to see what they can steal.

By stopping automatic user approval we can virtually stop unwanted attempts at procuring your private information. This protects you, it protects us, and it is a requirement of the Privacy laws in effect.