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For any questions, you may contact us at the address below:

Rt 21 Trading Co.
2123 County Route 21
Hermon, NY 13652

We no longer display our phone number due to the extreme amount of garbage phone calls we receive - around 200 calls per week that are some kind of telemarketer, or a scammer, or some other form of idiocy. So much for the "No Call" list. Sure runs up one helluva airtime bill on our phones.

If you need to speak to us by phone, please send an email with your message and contact info - we will respond as soon as possible.

You can send us a quick message using the form below. Include details and your contact information. If you want us to call you back, please include a phone number, name and best time to call. We will respond as soon as possible.

**** This contact form sends email from our server, with our email address as the return address. Therefore it may possibly show a warning in your email client "This email may not have been sent by Rt 21 Trading". This is more likely with internet based email such as gmail, proton, Icloud, AOL/Aim, etc.

You may also email us directly to rt21trading -at- gmail.com Drop the -at- and add the appropriate symbol. Please use this direct address if you have attempted to use the form below and have not received a response.

NOTE: If you have submitted the form below and have not received a response within 48 hours, please try to send your message again. Sometimes the information in the form does not get properly forwarded to us. Alternately, you may email us directly using the email address above.

Be sure to check your "junk" and "spam" folders in your email system. Because we send a lot of email, sometimes messages we send are marked as "spam" and put directly into "junk" and "spam" folders in your email system. Many times we have people sending multiple messages that we have already replied to.


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