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Date added: 04/01/2017 New User Accounts

Effective 4/01/2017 - For increased security, all new users who Register for access our our catalog system will require approval. If you want to create a user account to access ordering features, then please complete the online Registration Form and submit it. We verify and activate new User accounts promptly.

Why are we doing this? It is very simple. Every single day of the year we have hundreds of visitors from all over the world creating user accounts. We take security very seriously and want to be sure our Customers information is protected. By manually activating user accounts we can significantly lower the chance of attempted criminal activity aimed and procuring user information.

Please see the New User link in the Information box on the left hand of this page for more details. <---. Click the Register link in the My Account box lower down to open your account. Sign In and Registration links and the My Account box are on every page for convenience.

Date added: 03/22/2017 Server Security update, general maintenance
We have updated have updated our Server Securty to further iliminate hacking attempts and protect customer information.

New products have been added and more will be added weekly as we have greatly expanded our inventory of Tractor parts, plus several purchases of obsolete parts.

The Reprint Manuals Section has been expanded, and more manuals are being added weekly. We have many more Manuals not yet listed, and will continue to add them as time allows.
Date added: 12/01/2010 Holidays & Other Closures
Below is is the information on days we are are closed throughout the year. There is no processing, no shipping, and no customer service on any of the days specified.

Every Federal Holiday and Observed Holiday during the calendar year. There is no sense in us processing packages that will not ship due to no service from US Mail, UPS, or FedEX.

January 1st to January 15th we do inventory as required by the IRS for tax purposes. We are entirely shut down, meaning no orders will be processed during the this period. You are free to place an order during this time period, but it will not be shipped until the inventory is completed.

All of our purchases from manufacturers come in in late January and early February for the upcoming summer season. That means that parts that are out of stock will be coming in during this time period, such as shocks, tires, motorcycle parts, lawn & garden parts, etc.

We are in the Northern part of New York, so weather is also a factor. Winter storms impede incoming deliveries and outbound packages. Heavy winter storms and below zero temperatures cause many closures and late deliveries. US Postal Service, UPS and FedEx all take snow days like schools now. Many times during storms all carriers limit deliveries to critic shipments in areas effected by the inclement weather.

We are extremely busy once inventory is finished due to backlog of orders. We ship orders in the order they were received and paid for. Therefore orders place in January can take longer for processing and shipping. We will also have the winter season and snow, so therefore snowmobile parts order quantities are higher in the winter months.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, and suggest ordering early in December for parts that need will need during the month of January. We will do our best to get orders out promptly but expect delays.