Cable accessories

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Tillotson Walbro carburetor cable attachment swivel throttle choke

CODE: 123_EC 885K

$14.99   $12.99

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Swivel for attaching throttle cable or choke cable to stock Tillotson and Walbro carburetors. Fit's most Tillotson HL. HR, and HD throttle arms and choke... More

Tillotson Walbro carburetor replacement choke throttle arm

CODE: 123_LK-131

$26.99   $19.99

In stock

Replacement clamp mount replacement arm for throttle or choke. Use for Tillotson or Walbro carburetor, replacement for broken or lost arms. Designed to clamp... More

Universal control cable fittings go kart, mini bike, quarter midget, etc

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$1.49   $0.89

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Universal fittings for attaching cables. Use to hold cables to frames, attach to engine throttles, brakes, parking brakes, shifters, adapt to odd... More