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Apex Model 800 forward reverse transmission parts manual

CODE: Apex_800

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Parts manual for Apex forward - neutral - reverse transmission, Model 800. The Apex was factory installed in Alsport Tracker, Alsport Truck, Heald Hauler,... More

Snow-Nabstedt model 5101 transmission parts manual

CODE: Nabstedt_Trans

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Parts manual for Snow-Nabstedt reversing transmission model 5101B and 5101E. This transmission was factory installed in Alsport Truck, Heald Hauler, Coot,... More

T92 3 speed transmission installation & parts manual

CODE: T92_Trans-PM

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Reprint of installation & parts manual for T92 3 speed transmission used in Jim Dandy, Power King, Economy and Speedex tractors, Crosley automobiles, and... More