Water Pumping

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Aermotor 1952 Windmill catalog with pumps, towers, tanks

CODE: Aermotor_1952-PM

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Reprint of 1952 Aermotor Windmill catalog. Full catalog includes Windmills, parts, pumps, towers, tanks, and much more. This is not a brochure or handout, it... More

Dempster water pumping Windmill Product Catalog and Parts List

CODE: Dempster_1938-PM

$17.99   $12.99

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Reprint of 1938 Dempster full line Product Catalog with Parts List. Includes drawings, exploded views and part numbers for Windmills, steel and wood tower... More

Fairbanks Morse Eclipse Windmill Product Catalog and Parts List # 65D

CODE: FM_Eclipse-65d

$44.99   $28.99

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Fairbanks Morse Eclipse Product Catalog and Parts List. Catalog # 65D with parts list # 9108C, model "P". Large manual with many pictures, drawings, exploded... More