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1-1/2" gas tank cap mini bike go kart Fox Rupp Margay Bonanza Ruttman etc

CODE: 1.5_metal-cap

$21.99   $18.99

In stock

Vintage vented gas tank cap for 1-1/2" diameter threaded filler necks. Fit's Fox "See-Level" go kart tank, Margay go kart tanks, Rupp tanks, etc. Also fit's... More

Briggs 3-6 HP overhead throttle kit go kart mini bike quarter midget

CODE: 123_4452

$14.99   $11.99

In stock

Complete overhead throttle kit for Briggs & Stratton engines. Fit's most 3 to 5 HP horizontal shaft engines, including Raptor. Includes all parts necessary... More

Chrome 2-1/2" universal mini bike mirror

CODE: 101_202389

$19.99   $16.99

In stock

Chrome mirror for mini bikes. Mini small diameter mirror with 2-1/2" diameter head, all metal construction with real glass mirror and chrome finish. Features... More

Chrome coilover mini bike shocks

CODE: 105_1700-15

$84.99   $76.99

In stock

Mini bike shocks with chrome spring. 12" eye to eye, 3/8" (10 mm) eye diameter, 1-3/4" outer spring diameter, 450 lb maximum rated load. Shocks have 5... More

Chrome mirror clamp for mini bikes, motorcycles, trikes, etc

CODE: 100_MC_?

$4.44   $3.49

In stock

Vintage chrome mirror clamp for mini bikes, motorcycles, trikes, etc. Available for 7/8" or 1" handlebars, standard strap type clamp for use with mirrors... More

Chrome twist throttle adjuster for mini bike

CODE: 118_268

$3.79   $2.99

In stock

Chrome adjuster for mini bike twist throttle. Fit's most American and Japanese chrome twist throttles. Manufactured by Cherry Industries, will fit most Rupp,... More

Classic handlebar kill switch mini bike, motorbike, scooter, etc

CODE: 118_2946

$12.99   $9.99

In stock

Classic kill switch for 7/8" handlebars. This switch was used by a variety of manufacturers and brands. Factory style switch used on mini bikes such as Fox,... More

Classic mini bike 14x6 Trials knobby tire, Rupp, Bonanza, Arctic Cat, Fox

CODE: CT_71287

$72.99   $64.99

In stock

Vintage Classic Trials style knobby tire for mini bikes. 14x6 size tire, outer diameter of 14.1 inches can be interchanged with 4.10/350x6 and 530/450x6 tire... More

Classic mini bike 300x10 Rupp MotoCross knobby tire, Rupp Speedway Fox

CODE: CT_71288

$61.99   $52.99

In stock

Vintage Classic Moto Cross style knobby tire for mini bikes with "Rupp Motocross" raised letter imprint. 300x10 size tire, great replacement for many brands... More

Classic mini bike 300x12 Trials knobby tire, Rupp, Fox, etc

CODE: CT_71289

$69.99   $62.99

In stock

Vintage Classic Trials style knobby tire for mini bikes. 300x12 size tire, great replacement for many brands of mini bikes equipped with 12" tires, such as... More