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Heavy duty universal inline cable mount brake switch motorcycle snowmobile etc

CODE: 100_5505

$36.18   $17.99

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Heavy Duty inline cable actuated brake light switch. Makes a connection between the two terminal pins when the brake is applied. Switch can be attached... More

On-Off headlight toggle switch legend plate mini bike motorbike motorcycle etc


$3.59   $2.99

In stock

Vintage colored legend plate for toggle switch. Used on the on - off switch for Vintage headlights on mini bike, motorbikes, scooters, motorcycles, etc. Also... More

Pull style brake light switch Motorcycle Trike Custom

CODE: 100_20-0082

$18.99   $11.99

In stock

Universal Stop Lamp switch for Motorcycles, Trikes, Customs, etc. Clamp mount to frame, attach to brake cable or rod, attach wires and your done. Great for... More