Brake assemblies, brake drums, brake disc, and replacement parts for mechanical and hydraulic brakes.
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Enginetics LH handlebar master cylinder mini bike, motorbike, trike, etc.


$94.99   $82.99

Enginetics LH handlebar mount master cylinder for mini bikes, motorbikes, scooters, trikes, motorcycles, etc. High capacity master cylinder with 3/4" bore,... More

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Genuine KH 200 series Disc Brake assembly mini bike go kart quarter midget snowmobile

CODE: GS_KH-DiscBrake

$66.99   $59.99

In stock

NOS complete mechanical Disc Brake assembly. Genuine Kelsey Hayes 200 series disc brake, much higher quality than the aftermarket disc brakes. Factory... More

Hydraulic brake adapter M10x1 to 1/8 NPT

CODE: M10x1-M_1/8NPT-F

$17.99   $14.99

In stock

Metric adapter for use with metric brake parts using standard line and fittings. M10x1 male to 1/8 NPT female allows for using standard 1/8" NPT fittings in... More

Hydraulic brake line fittings go kart, quarter midget, trike, universal

CODE: 123_ _?_?

$5.40   $3.99

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Brass fittings for hydraulic brake line. Use with our translucent brake line, caliper and master cylinders listed in this section. Available in straight,... More

Kelsey Hayes H&H 200 210 220 brake pad set

CODE: 109_F05-152-04

$9.99   $6.99

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Replacement brake pads for Kelsey Hayes & H&H 200, 210, 220 mechanical dick brakes. 1-3/32" diameter D - shaped pads, 1/2" and 3/8" thick. Fit's all Kelsey... More

Kelsey Hayes H&H Hurst Airheart 400H brake pad for hydraulic brake calipers

CODE: 109_F05-152-03

$21.99   $17.99

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Replacement brake pad for Kelsey Hayes & H&H 400H hydraulic disc brakes. 1-5/8" diameter round pads. Fit's most Kelsey Hayes 400M series calipers and early... More

Kelsey Hayes H&H Hurst Airheart brake pad set for 400M mechanical calipers

CODE: 109_F05-152-02

$36.99   $32.99

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Replacement brake pads for Kelsey Hayes & H&H 400M mechanical disk brakes. 1-5/8" diameter D - shaped pads, 3/8" thick. Fit's all Kelsey Hayes 400M series... More

Low pressure hydraulic brake switch snowmobile trike etc

CODE: Low_Pressure-Brake_Switch

$34.99   $29.99

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Low pressure brake switch with wiring pigtail, rated 20 amp max. Use on Alsport Tri Sport trikes, snowmobiles, micro cars, utility vehicles, and much more.... More

Universal 4" brake band go kart, quarter midget, trike, etc

CODE: 4"_Brake-Band

$26.99   $21.99

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Universal 4" brake band for mini bikes, go karts, quarter midgets, trikes, etc. Fit's brake drums with 4" OD. Can also be used around the centrifugal clutch.

Universal 4-1/2" band brake drum mini bike go kart quarter midget etc

CODE: 105_2211

$24.99   $17.99

In stock

Universal heavy duty steel band brake drum for mini bikes, go karts, quarter midgets, custom projects, etc. Use with brake band on outside, mount directly to... More