6 Wheelers

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1972 Attex 6 Wheeler Owners Manual

CODE: 1972_Attex-OM

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Reprint of factory Owners Manual for Attex 6 wheelers for the 1972 model year. Operation, maintenance, adjustments, accessories, etc. Covers Crazy Colt, Wild... More

Amphicat 6 Wheeler Parts Manual

CODE: Amphicat-PM

$10.99   $7.99

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Reprint of original factory Parts Manual for Amphicat 6 Wheeler. Exploded views with parts list, dated 1970. This manual is available in printed... More

Jiger 6 wheel atv model 197 parts manual

CODE: Jiger_197-PM

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Reprint of parts manual for Jiger model 197 , 6 wheel atv. Includes exploded views of JLO 197 engine, parts list, sketch's of Jiger parts, etc. This... More