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Arctic Cat Kitty Cat snowmobile fuel tank petcock 1977 - 1999 fuel shut off

CODE: 118_8675

$23.99   $19.99

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Arctic Cat Kitty Cat replacement fuel petcock w/ filter screen. Fit's 1977-1999 Kitty Cat models, replaces Arctic Cat 0302-057 & 1670-325.

Fuel fittings - straight, elbow, petcock, check valve, etc

CODE: Fuel_Fitting

$4.79   $3.29

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Assorted fuel fittings for all vehicles. Choice of straight, elbow, petcock, pass through, or in tank check valve. Petcock, straight and elbow fittings for... More

Gits 1/8" NPT brass vent for gas tank, oil tank, USA Made

CODE: 102_102061512

$10.59   $7.99

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Genuine Gits screw in vents for gas tanks, oil tanks, etc. Measures only 1/2" long overall, 7/16" hex with sintered brass element. We use these on a lot of... More

OEM Arctic Cat Kitty Cat snowmobile fuel tank petcock 1972 up w/ threaded outlet

CODE: 100_70-4666

$23.99   $19.99

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Vintage New Old Stock Arctic Cat Kitty Cat fuel petcock. Fit's 1972 up Kitty Cat models equipped with metal tanks. Original petcock for early Kitty Cat... More

Red fuel line Rupp mini bike, Rupp Scorpion Chaparral Brut Alouette Massey snowmobile

CODE: 123_AHR-FuelLine

$3.29   $1.69

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Red translucent fuel line. 1/4" ID fuel line, correct color for Rupp mini bikes, Rupp snowmobiles, Scorpion Snowmobiles, Chaparral Snowmobiles, Brutanza... More

Straight threaded nipple fuel fitting 1/8" NPT

CODE: 118_1345

$4.59   $3.29

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Universal threaded fuel fitting with 1/8" NPT on one end and nipple on the other. Use for attaching fuel line to fuel tanks, carburetor, fuel pumps, etc. OEM... More

Universal 90° tank mount petcock lever style fuel shut off valve

CODE: 118_11271

$22.99   $18.99

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Universal threaded tank mount lever style fuel shut off valve. Mounts in all tanks with 1/8 NPT 90° threaded outlet. Steel valve with 1/4 turn red lever,... More

Universal inline lever style fuel shutoff valve

CODE: 118_868

$18.99   $15.99

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Universal inline fuel shut off valve. Fit's all 3/16" and 1/4" fuel lines, can be used on lawn & garden equipment, go karts, mini bikes, commercial mowers,... More

Universal snowmobile fuel tank petcock / fuel shut off for plastic tank

CODE: 118_8675

$22.99   $19.99

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Universal snowmobile fuel tank shut off for plastic fuel tanks. Fit's Arctic Cat, Boa Ski, Northway, Rupp, Alouette, Polaris, Ski Doo, Motoski, Mercury,... More