Miscellaneous Electrical Parts

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Heavy duty headlight wire harness motorcycle automotive

CODE: Headlight_Harness

$12.99   $8.99

In stock

Heavy duty replacement headlight bulb wire harness for motorcycle, mini bikes, scooters, and automotive. Features ceramic block for wire terminals to... More

Heavy duty steel universal battery box Utility Vehicle, ATV, Custom

CODE: 100_70-0904

$18.99   $12.99

Heavy duty steel battery box holds standard lawn and garden size battery, bolt or weld on to frame in any available location. Use on Utility Vehicles,... More

Out of stock

Hi Low Off switch hi-low beam headlight, hand warmers mini bike snowmobile etc

CODE: 101_SY255

$12.99   $8.99

In stock

Dual throw toggle switch for Hi-Off-Low applications. Use for headlight on mini bikes, motorcycles, trikes, trail bikes, scooters, etc. Mount in the... More

On-Off headlight toggle switch legend plate mini bike motorbike motorcycle etc


$3.59   $2.99

In stock

Vintage colored legend plate for toggle switch. Used on the on - off switch for Vintage headlights on mini bike, motorbikes, scooters, motorcycles, etc. Also... More