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Chrome exhaust trumpet Vintage racing snowmobile

CODE: 100_Ex-Trumpet

$69.99   $44.99

In stock

Vintage chrome exhaust trumpet for racing snowmobiles. Aftermarket accessory sold to increase the performance of the single cylinder 2 strokes of the day.... More

Stainless Steel flexpipe for exhaust

CODE: ssflexpipe

$12.99   $9.52

In stock

Stainless Steel flex pipe for exhaust. Available in a variety of diameters for many applications. Can be used on anything, including bikes, trikes, Utility... More

Vintage NOS Kohler 2 cycle twin exhaust manifold snowmobile K340AS, K399AX etc

CODE: Kohler_Manifold

$34.99   $19.99

In stock

Vintage NOS OEM Kohler exhaust manifold for snowmobiles. Should fit K34AS, K340AX, K399AX according to the Kohler interchange. Inlets are just under 1-1/2"... More