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Chrome mirror clamp for mini bikes, motorcycles, trikes, etc

CODE: 100_MC_?

$4.44   $3.49

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Vintage chrome mirror clamp for mini bikes, motorcycles, trikes, etc. Available for 7/8" or 1" handlebars, standard strap type clamp for use with mirrors... More

Curved saddle washers for round tube frame mini bikes, go kart, Quarter Midget, etc.

CODE: 115_91844A-?_ _

$7.49   $5.99

In stock

Curved saddle washers for round tube. Use anywhere round tube frames must be drilled for mounting something or for bolting tube together. Use one washer on... More

Gits 1/8" NPT brass vent for gas tank, oil tank, USA Made

CODE: 102_102061512

$10.59   $7.99

In stock

Genuine Gits screw in vents for gas tanks, oil tanks, etc. Measures only 1/2" long overall, 7/16" hex with sintered brass element. We use these on a lot of... More

Mini bike fork spring mounting cup, Ruttman Fox Rupp etc

CODE: Spring_Cup

$12.99   $2.99

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Spring cups to mount external mini bike fork springs. Use with any bike, can be welded to upper and lower fork tubes to hold fork spring in position. Correct... More

Stainless steel control rod for brake, throttle, shifter etc.

CODE: 115_89535K_?

$4.99   $3.49

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Stainless steel round rod stock for making control rods. Use for brakes, clutches, shifters, throttles, and much more. You can drill, cut, bend, thread, and... More

Stainless Steel mini bike clamping handlebar mount u-bolts for 7/8" bars

CODE: 115_8889T41

$19.99   $16.99

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Stainless Steel u-bolt set for clamping handlebars on mini bikes. Fit's 7/8" bar diameter, 1/4" diameter, 7/8" inside between the legs, 2-15/16" height at... More

Universal chrome utility clamp mount exhaust, accessories motorcycle mini bike

CODE: 100_Chrome-Clamp

$7.49   $5.99

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Universal chrome utility clamp. Use to hold exhaust pipe in place on mini bikes, mounting intake tubes, reflectors to fork tubes, number plates, etc. Mount... More

Vintage heavy duty mini bike chain adjusters, Attex, Alsport, Chaparral, etc

CODE: 100_06-0007

$14.99   $10.99

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Vintage NOS heavy duty chain adjusters for mini bikes. These were used on larger mini bikes like Attex Coleman, Alsport, Chaparral, Rupp RMX, Steen El Gato,... More

Vintage mini bike squeeze bulb horn Rupp Speedway Fox Ruttman etc

CODE: 100_Squeeze-Horn

$17.99   $12.99

In stock

Vintage universal squeeze bulb horn. Just about every manufacturer has a version of this horn in their optional accessories, including Rupp, Speedway, Fox,... More