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Magneto and Ignition Parts for Lauson, Tecumseh & Power Products Engines.
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Tecumseh mini bike alternator, all brands HS40, HS50, H50, etc

CODE: Tec_Alt

$149.99   $129.99

Complete used stator assembly w/ alternator for Tecumseh mini bike engines. Fit's HS40, HS50 small block engines, H40, H50, H60, H70, H80 standard engines,... More

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Tecumseh mini bike flywheel for alternator, all brands H50, H60, H70 etc

CODE: TEC_5HP-Flywheel

$99.99   $79.99

Used heavy cast aluminum flywheel for Tecumseh engines with full magnet ring inside and ring gear. Correct flywheel for engines with alternators, fit's H50,... More

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Vintage Tecumseh engine ignition coil # 610894, Phelon 09536-00A

CODE: 100_Phelon-09536-00A

$22.99   $14.99

In stock

Vintage New Old Stock ignition coil for Tecumseh engines, # 610894, Phelon 09536-00A. Original ignition parts for Tecumseh. Tecumseh part number written on... More