Fittings, Primers, & Petcocks

Fuel Fittings, Primers, and Various Petcocks
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Dash mount push button primer kit snowmobile, atv, universal

CODE: 101_PK2250

$20.99   $16.99

In stock

Dash mount primer bulb with line and tee fitting. Long lasting high quality American Made primer, not Chinese knock-offs. This primer mounts in dash panel... More

Economy squeeze bulb primer snowmobile, marine, universal

CODE: 101_LP077_??

$11.99   $9.49

In stock

Economy squeeze bulb primer. Use for snowmobiles, marine applications, lawn and garden, industrial, etc. Inline squeeze bulb primer is used to get the fuel... More

In line brass petcock mini bike motorbike scooter motorcycle shut off

CODE: 101_678038

$19.99   $15.99

In stock

Brass fuel petcock for mini bikes, motorcycle, motorbikes, scooters, even lawn and garden equipment, etc. In line mount fuel shut off fit's both 3/16" and... More

In line dual fuel tank petcock Zero Turn Exmark Hustler Scag lawn mower, go kart

CODE: 118_11273

$34.99   $29.99

In stock

New petcock for dual fuel tanks. Mounts in the fuel line, has dual inlets with a single outlet. Designed to allow switching between the fuel tanks to draw... More

Plunger style primer kit snowmobile, atv, universal

CODE: 101_PK2256

$28.99   $24.99

In stock

Plunger style primer with 36" of line and tee fitting. Long lasting high quality American Made primer, not Chinese knock-offs. This primer mounts in dash... More

Plunger style starting primer pump

CODE: 101_PK2266a

$21.99   $18.99

In stock

New universal plunger style primer. Used on snowmobiles, atv's, 6 wheelers, utility vehicles, etc. Dash mount primer with built in check valve for one way... More

Primer Line & Tee Fitting

CODE: 101_PK2266b

$6.59   $4.59

In stock

Tee fitting & Primer Line for use with Plunger style Primer. Install T-fitting in fuel line, run small fuel line from Tee to Primer, and from Primer to... More

Straight threaded nipple fuel fitting 1/8" NPT

CODE: 118_1345

$4.59   $3.29

In stock

Universal threaded fuel fitting with 1/8" NPT on one end and nipple on the other. Use for attaching fuel line to fuel tanks, carburetor, fuel pumps, etc. OEM... More

Universal 90° tank mount petcock lever style fuel shut off valve

CODE: 118_11271

$22.99   $18.99

In stock

Universal threaded tank mount lever style fuel shut off valve. Mounts in all tanks with 1/8 NPT 90° threaded outlet. Steel valve with 1/4 turn red lever,... More

Universal gas tank repair fitting snowmobiles, karts, etc

CODE: 101_8679

$14.99   $10.99

In stock

Universal fuel tank outlet repair fitting, reference "B" on the images. Designed to use in all tanks to replace rusted or broken fuel outlets. Use with... More