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Genuine Walbro master repair kit for WF float series carburetor


$71.99   $64.99

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NOS genuine Walbro carburetor repair kit for Walbro WF series float type carburetors. Universal kit fit's all WF models, and fit's all snowmobiles including... More

McCulloch Walbro BDC carburetor kit go kart

CODE: 101_LP04-710~Kart

$24.99   $18.99

In stock

Diaphragm and gasket set for Walbro BDC and Mac Big Bore carburetors used on go karts. Includes metering diaphragm with gasket and inner pump chamber set as... More

Walbro Circuit Screen WD, WDA, WDB, WR, WRA, WRD, etc

CODE: 100_WA140-70-8

$4.59   $3.69

In stock

Circuit Screen for Walbro diaphragm carburetors used on snowmobiles, trikes, atv's, etc. This screen fit's all WD, WDA, WDB, WR, WRA, WRD series carburetors,... More

Walbro diaphragm carburetor pump flap valve spring WD WR WDA

CODE: 100_WA98-186

$5.29   $3.79

Vintage OEM Walbro valve spring for the pump diaphragm, # 98-186. This is the spring that holds the flaps of the diaphragm closed tightly against the body of... More

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Walbro diaphragm carburetor welch plugs

CODE: Welch_Plugs

$2.69   $2.19

In stock

Disc type welch plugs for Walbro diaphragm carburetors. Used in many Walbro diaphragm type carburetor models. Also used in the upper chamber of Walbro float... More

Walbro float type carburetor kit Tecumseh Clinton Jacobsen

CODE: 118_1409

$29.99   $24.99

In stock

Carburetor kit for Walbro float carburetor with removable brass needle & seat. Fit's many Walbro equipped applications including Jacobsen # 29157 for J321,... More

Walbro inlet needle metering lever spring WD, WDA, WDB, WR, WRA, WRD, BDC, etc

CODE: 100_WA-InletSpring

$8.79   $6.59

In stock

OEM Walbro inlet needle metering lever spring, # 98-192 for Walbro BDC and McCulloch Big Bore carburetors. Use # 98-216 for WD, WDA, WDB, WR, WRA, WRD. These... More

Walbro WD WDA WDB WR WRA WRD master carburetor repair kit snowmobile

CODE: Walbro_Snow-Kit

$78.99   $68.99

Walbro Master rebuild kit for WD, WDA WDB and WR, WRA, WRD series diaphragm carburetors for 6 wheelers, trikes, snowmobiles, etc. This is Master kit as used... More

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Walbro WD, WDA, WR fuel pump leaf

CODE: 100_WA98-215

$8.59   $6.99

In stock

Genuine OEM Walbro fuel pump leaf for Walbro WD, WDA, and WR series diaphragm carburetors. Part # WA 98-215, this is the leaf spring for the fuel pump inside... More

Walbro WD, WDA, WR, BDC inlet needle valve

CODE: 100_WA82-30

$10.99   $7.99

In stock

Genuine OEM Walbro inlet needle valve for Walbro WD, WR, BDC and WDA series diaphragm carburetors. This is a genuine Walbro part, not an import replacement.... More