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Carburetor screens Tillotson, Walbro, Keihin snowmbile go kart

CODE: Carb_screen

$4.59   $3.69

In stock

Carburetor screens for diaphragm carburetors. Used in Tillotson, Walbro, Keihin and other carburetor as internal filter screens to stop any stray dirt that... More

Service Manual for Tillotson HD series carburetor

CODE: Till_HDman

$14.99   $7.99

In stock

Reprint of original Service Manual for Tillotson HD series carburetor. Includes adjustment, parts id, fuel circuit diagrams, option configurations, cleaning... More

Tillotson 3/16" bypass welch plug w/ hole

CODE: 101_07-399

$3.79   $2.89

In stock

Bypass welch plug with hole through the center. OEM Tillotson welch plug, use on all carburetors equipped with bypass hole through the welch plug. If you... More

Tillotson Carburetor Hi / Low speed HD adjustment screws

CODE: TillAdjustScrew

$14.99   $10.99

In stock

Vintage brass adjustment screw for Tillotson HD Series diaphragm carburetors. Include Hi Speed and Low Speed adjustment screws with springs and o-rings.... More

Tillotson diaphragm carburetor alcohol fuel inlet screen HD/HR/HL

CODE: 123_95-174

$2.69   $2.30

In stock

Alcohol inlet filter screen for Tillotson diaphragm carburetors. For use with alcohol only, fit's all HL, HR and HD series carburetors. Sold each, also... More

Tillotson diaphragm carburetor captured fulcrum arm HD/HR/HL

CODE: TIL_155A-27

$2.59   $1.29

In stock

Genuine Tillotson captured (forked) fulcrum inlet arm for diaphragm carburetors. Fits all HD, HR and HL series carburetors. Use this arm with the forked... More

Tillotson diaphragm carburetor Fulcrum Inlet Tension spring HL, HR, HD, etc

CODE: 123_Til-InletSpring

$2.29   $1.79

In stock

Inlet Tension Spring for Tillotson diaphragm carburetors. Available in multiple options for standard use to low tension for gravity feed, and hard tension... More

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Tillotson diaphragm carburetor fulcrum pivot pin screw HL HR HD carburetors

CODE: 123_15B-329

$1,049.00   $1.29

In stock

Vintage Tillotson mounting screw for inlet lever in all diaphragm carburetors. This is the screw that holds the pivot pin to the body of the carburetor (#... More

Tillotson diaphragm carburetor high flow filter snowmobile atv etc

CODE: AD_LP07-703

$8.59   $6.99

In stock

Vintage high flow fuel filter for Tillotson carburetors. Fit's Tillotson HL, HR, and HD series diaphragm carburetor. Threads directly onto the bottom of the... More

Tillotson diaphragm carburetor high flow fuel strainer cover

CODE: TIL_91A-351R

$7.89   $4.49

In stock

High flow Tillotson fuel inlet filter screen cover for Tillotson diaphragm carburetors, red in color. Oversize inlet hole allows more fuel flow into... More