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Cushman Trackster parts

Tip: Start with the proper parts manual for your machine. Having the manual allows to to verify the parts visually, and to see what the original part was. It also helps in identifying parts that have been added that are not original to the machine.
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Cushman Trackster air filter # 820869, 18 HP & 22 HP OMC Engine

CODE: 138_42298

$21.99   $16.99

In stock

New air filter element for Cushman Trackster, replaces # 820869. Fit' OMC 18 HP & 22 HP air cooled OMC engines Measures roughly 6" OD, 4-5/8" ID, 4" high.... More

Cushman Trackster carburetor repair kit USA made

CODE: TrackstCarbKit

$36.99   $32.99

In stock

Tillotson HD carburetor kit for Cushman Trackster. Used on all models of Trackster equipped with Tillotson HD Series Diaphragm carburetors, includes needle &... More

Cushman Trackster Carburetor Repair Manual

CODE: TracksterCarbMan

$8.99   $5.99

In stock

Copy of the original Carburetor Repair Manual for Cushman Trackster. Covers all models equipped with Tillotson HD carburetors. Include trouble shooting,... More

Cushman Trackster CDI Amplifier # 389551

CODE: 100_113-7123

$468.99   $349.99

In stock

Replacement CDI Amplifier for OMC opposed twin on Cushman Trackster, replaces # 389551. USA made CDI, not imported junk. Easy to follow instruction sheet... More

Cushman Trackster chrome headlight

CODE: 101_204765

$74.99   $59.99

In stock

Replacement Chrome headlight for Cushman Trackster. 4-1/2" diameter headlight with mirror chrome plated housing, bottom mount with single beam 12 volt 35... More

Cushman Trackster contact breaker points kit

CODE: SI_18-5156

$32.99   $25.99

In stock

Contact points set for Cushman Trackster, part # 580148. Fit's all models and years of Trackster.

Cushman Trackster fuel pump assembly

CODE: 100_SI18-7352

$107.99   $84.99

In stock

Replacement fuel pump assembly for Cushman Trackster. This is a Vintage USA made aftermarket replacement part available years ago from aftermarket sources,... More

Cushman Trackster fuel pump repair kit

CODE: 100_18-7821

$46.99   $41.99

In stock

Replacement fuel pump rebuild kit for Cushman Trackster. This is a Vintage USA made aftermarket replacement part available years ago from aftermarket... More

Cushman Trackster fuel tank check valve

CODE: 101_LP077311

$16.99   $14.99

In stock

Fuel tank check valve for Cushman Trackster. This is the valve that goes onto the fuel line inside the fuel tank to stop fuel from flowing back to the tank... More

Cushman Trackster headlight bulb

CODE: NL_4411

$34.99   $28.99

In stock

Single element 35 watt vibration resistant sealed beam headlight bulb for Cushman Trackster. Fit's external mounted headlights and internal mounted headlight... More