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Mesh style throttle grips 1" Boonie Bike Heald Bonanza Ruttman

CODE: CF_Style1-BK-1x1.125

$22.99   $18.99

Vintage 5" long mesh style hand grips for 1" bars. Includes twist throttle grip and dummy grip. Original equipment on Heath Boonie Bike, Heald Super Bronc,... More

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New black headlight Motorbike Scooter Cushman Tote Gote Powell Crosley Simplex

CODE: AI_70276912

$66.99   $53.99

In stock

New replacement headlight assembly. Good substitute for original headlights used on Vintage USA Scooters, Motorbikes, Trailbikes, etc. Use on early bikes... More

On-Off headlight toggle switch legend plate mini bike motorbike motorcycle etc


$3.59   $2.99

In stock

Vintage colored legend plate for toggle switch. Used on the on - off switch for Vintage headlights on mini bike, motorbikes, scooters, motorcycles, etc. Also... More

Roller Chain Connecting Links

CODE: conlink


In stock

Standard connecting link for Roller Chain. Spring clip on one side holds link together. High quality links for use with any roller chain. Sold each. Choose... More

Roller Chain Offset Links

CODE: offsetlink


In stock

Offset or "Half Link" connecting links for roller chain. Removable pin with cotter pin lock. High quality links can be used with any chain. Sold each.... More

Snow-Nabstedt model 5101 transmission parts manual

CODE: Nabstedt_Trans

$6.99   $4.99

In stock

Parts manual for Snow-Nabstedt reversing transmission model 5101B and 5101E. This transmission was factory installed in Alsport Truck, Heald Hauler, Coot,... More

Stainless Steel flexpipe for exhaust

CODE: ssflexpipe

$8.99   $7.52

In stock

Stainless Steel flex pipe for exhaust. Available in a variety of diameters for many applications. Can be used on anything, including bikes, trikes, Utility... More

Stimsonite red stick on Reflector, mini bike, motorcycle, scooter

CODE: 100_20-0058

$6.59   $4.79

Vintage red Stimsonite Reflector. Original equipment on mini bikes, snowmobiles, Motorbikes, Scooters and more. Lens reads Stimsonite 8, SAE -B- 60, R 28.... More

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Straight threaded nipple fuel fitting 1/8" NPT

CODE: 118_1345

$4.59   $3.29

In stock

Universal threaded fuel fitting with 1/8" NPT on one end and nipple on the other. Use for attaching fuel line to fuel tanks, carburetor, fuel pumps, etc. OEM... More

Trail style 7/8 mini bike grip set Ruttman, Thomas, Boonie Bike

CODE: DI_26-0321

$12.99   $9.99

Vintage Trail style mini bike hand grip set for 7/8" handlebars. These are OEM soft urethane grips, not the hard plastic China version. Set includes throttle... More

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