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Apex Model 800 forward reverse transmission parts manual

CODE: Apex_800

$2.99   $1.99

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Parts manual for Apex forward - neutral - reverse transmission, Model 800. The Apex was factory installed in Alsport Tracker, Alsport Truck, Heald Hauler,... More

Classic Phenolic control knob, shifter, pto, impliment, etc


$14.99   $10.99

Vintage flat oval ball type control knob. Nice shift knob for Vintage tractors such as Gravely, Power King, Economy, Jim Dandy, Panzer, Bolens and others.... More

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Eaton chrome plated dome top vented fuel tank cap for 2-1/2" neck


$23.99   $19.99

In stock

Genuine Eaton chrome plated dome top vented fuel cap. Buna N gasket, knurled edge for easy grip. Fuel safe for gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc. Fit's all gas... More

Fuel fittings - straight, elbow, petcock, check valve, etc

CODE: Fuel_Fitting

$4.79   $3.29

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Assorted fuel fittings for all vehicles. Choice of straight, elbow, petcock, pass through, or in tank check valve. Petcock, straight and elbow fittings for... More

Gits 1/8" NPT brass vent for gas tank, oil tank, USA Made

CODE: 102_102061512

$10.59   $7.99

In stock

Genuine Gits screw in vents for gas tanks, oil tanks, etc. Measures only 1/2" long overall, 7/16" hex with sintered brass element. We use these on a lot of... More

Heavy duty steel universal battery box Utility Vehicle, ATV, Custom

CODE: 100_70-0904

$18.99   $12.99

Heavy duty steel battery box holds standard lawn and garden size battery, bolt or weld on to frame in any available location. Use on Utility Vehicles,... More

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Hydraulic brake caliper, Go Kart, Quarter Midget, Micro Car, universal


$139.99   $119.99

In stock

New replacement hydraulic brake caliper for go karts, quarter midgets, micro cars, utility vehicles, motorcycles, trikes custom builds, etc. Available in two... More

Hydraulic brake line go karts, midgets, trikes, utility vehicles, etc

CODE: 123_MCP-300

$1.69   $1.29

In stock

Hydraulic brake line for go karts, midgets, snowmobiles, trikes, etc. 3/16" translucent nylon line makes it easier to bleed brakes because you can see air... More

Low pressure hydraulic brake switch snowmobile trike etc

CODE: Low_Pressure-Brake_Switch

$34.99   $29.99

In stock

Low pressure brake switch with wiring pigtail, rated 20 amp max. Use on Alsport Tri Sport trikes, snowmobiles, micro cars, utility vehicles, and much more.... More

Mesh style red throttle grips 1" Boonie Bike Heald Bonanza Ruttman

CODE: CF_Style1-RD-1x1.125

$26.99   $22.99

Vintage 5" long mesh style hand grips for 1" bars in red. Includes twist throttle grip and dummy grip. Original equipment on Heath Boonie Bike, Heald Super... More

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