Heath Kit

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Classic Phenolic control knob, shifter, pto, impliment, etc


$14.99   $10.99

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Vintage flat oval ball type control knob. Nice shift knob for Vintage tractors such as Gravely, Power King, Economy, Jim Dandy, Panzer, Bolens and others.... More

Fuel fittings - straight, elbow, petcock, check valve, etc

CODE: Fuel_Fitting

$5.99   $3.99

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Assorted fuel fittings for all vehicles. Choice of straight, elbow, petcock, pass through, or in tank check valve. Petcock, straight and elbow fittings for... More

Gits 1/8" NPT brass vent for gas tank, oil tank, USA Made

CODE: 102_102061512

$10.59   $7.99

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Genuine Gits screw in vents for gas tanks, oil tanks, etc. Measures only 1/2" long overall, 7/16" hex with sintered brass element. We use these on a lot of... More

Hydraulic brake line go karts, midgets, trikes, utility vehicles, etc

CODE: 123_MCP-300

$1.69   $1.29

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Hydraulic brake line for go karts, midgets, snowmobiles, trikes, etc. 3/16" translucent nylon line makes it easier to bleed brakes because you can see air... More

New black headlight Motorbike Scooter Cushman Tote Gote Powell Crosley Simplex

CODE: AI_70276912

$66.99   $53.99

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New replacement headlight assembly. Good substitute for original headlights used on Vintage USA Scooters, Motorbikes, Trailbikes, etc. Use on early bikes... More

On-Off headlight toggle switch legend plate mini bike motorbike motorcycle etc


$3.59   $2.99

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Vintage colored legend plate for toggle switch. Used on the on - off switch for Vintage headlights on mini bike, motorbikes, scooters, motorcycles, etc. Also... More

Roller Chain Connecting Links

CODE: conlink


In stock

Standard connecting link for Roller Chain. Spring clip on one side holds link together. High quality links for use with any roller chain. Sold each. Choose... More

Roller Chain Offset Links

CODE: offsetlink


In stock

Offset or "Half Link" connecting links for roller chain. Removable pin with cotter pin lock. High quality links can be used with any chain. Sold each.... More

Stainless Steel flexpipe for exhaust

CODE: ssflexpipe

$12.99   $9.52

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Stainless Steel flex pipe for exhaust. Available in a variety of diameters for many applications. Can be used on anything, including bikes, trikes, Utility... More

Stimsonite red stick on Reflector, mini bike, motorcycle, scooter

CODE: 100_20-0058

$6.59   $4.79

Vintage red Stimsonite Reflector. Original equipment on mini bikes, snowmobiles, Motorbikes, Scooters and more. Lens reads Stimsonite 8, SAE -B- 60, R 28.... More

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