Universal Mini Bike

Vintage parts used on several brands of mini bikes
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Bendix 5" brake backing plate

CODE: bendixback

$35.99   $28.99

In stock

Original brake backing plate for Bendix 5" mechanical brakes. Used on mini bikes, go karts, etc. Fit's all Bendix brake assemblies, this is the version with... More

Chrome coil over shocks mini bike Fox Bonanza

CODE: 9.5chromeshock

$54.99   $48.99

In stock

Vintage mini chrome coilover shocks for mini bikes. Original application unknown, but they make a good replacement for Vintage mini bikes with small shocks.... More

Chrome gas cap mini bikes, go karts

CODE: 1.5chromecap

$18.99   $14.99

In stock

NOS chrome gas tank cap for mini bikes and go karts. This was original equipment on many brands of mini bikes and go karts. Fit's all metal tanks with 1-1/2"... More

Custom Bates style chrome spoon footpeg set

CODE: 100_27-0229

$19.99   $15.99

Old School Custom chrome Bates spoon footpeg set. Clamp mount to 7/8" or 1" diameter tube frames, folding style footpegs flip up out of the way. 5-1/4" long,... More

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Cylinder assembly for Sachs 80B engines

CODE: sachs80cyl

$229.99   $179.99

NOS cylinder assembly with head for Sachs 80B engines. Includes cylinder and cylinder head, bolted together from the factory, ready to install. This is the... More

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Disc Brake pad set, mini bikes, go karts, etc

CODE: MBbrakepad

$11.99   $8.99

In stock

Brake pad set for mini bikes, go karts, etc. Used by a variety of manufacturers including Rupp, Fox, Speedway, Ruttman, and many more. Also used on many... More

Filtron Performance air filter Hodaka Alsport Yankee Bultaco etc

CODE: 100_Filtron

$114.99   $94.99

Genuine Filtron high performance air filter. Designed for mini bikes and motorcycles up to 175 cc. Roughly 6" diameter, 2-5/8" deep from the base to the... More

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Grimeca mini bike brake backing plate

CODE: grimecaback

$15.99   $11.99

NOS brake backing plate for Grimeca brakes. Original equipment on Alsport mini bikes, Rupp Mini bikes, Speedway mini bikes, and many others. Also used on... More

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New Sachs 50 Saxonette complete carburetor mini bike moped

CODE: 100_Bing-12mm

$139.99   $119.99

In stock

New Sachs 50 Saxonette carburetor assembly for mini bikes. Used on Attex Coleman 2.40, Arctic Cat Whisker, SSSCat, etc. Also Used on Fox Sundowner. This is a... More

Replacement 2-1/4" bayonete gas tank short filler neck

CODE: bayoneteneck

$12.99   $9.99

In stock

Vintage replacement filler neck for Eaton Bayonet style gas caps. Used to repair any tank with Bayonet style twist to lock gas cap. Fits mini bike tanks such... More