Ruttman mini bikes including Chopper
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1971 Ruttman Grasshopper Chopper mini bike Plans & Parts List

CODE: RuttmanChopperPlan

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Parts List and Plans for Ruttman Grasshopper Chopper Model 260 mini bike. Includes exploded views and part number for all parts of the Grasshopper frame, as... More

1971 Ruttman mini bike parts manual

CODE: RuttmanMB-PM

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Complete reproduction parts manual for Ruttman mini bikes, dated 1971. Includes all standard parts and optional accessories available for all models... More

1971 Ruttman mini bike Specifications all models

CODE: RuttmanSpecs

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Ruttman mini bike spec sheets for all models including Horny Toad 140, Vulture 240, Wild Goose 250, Spyder 256S, Pak Mule 660 & 660VS, and Grasshopper... More

Ruttman Mini Bike Manual Set w/ all 3 Manuals

CODE: Ruttman_Manual_Set

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Ruttman manual set includes one copy of each Ruttman Manual. Set of 3 has the Ruttman Mini Bike Parts Manual, The Grasshopper Chopper Manual, and the Ruttman... More