Custom Cables

We manufacture Custom cables for most machines. We can do throttle cables, brake cables, clutch cables, choke cables, specialty cables, etc.

Cables are made to order for twist throttles, thumb throttles, pedal operated throttles, butterfly carburetors, throttle slide style carburetors, band brake systems, disc brake systems, parking brakes, clutches, and much more.

Custom cables are available in nearly any length, with many options for end fittings, housings, inner wire, and attachment accessories.

Cables for 6 wheelers, snowmobiles, ATV's, dune buggies, go karts, mini bikes, motor bikes, scooters, micro cars, trikes, lawn & garden equipment, custom builds, etc.

Most cables can be produced in 10 to 14 days, however cables requiring special ends, special fittings, or other uncommon design features will require more time to complete. In stock inventory of parts to produce cables changes daily as cables are manufactured. Additional time will be required if parts needed to produce the cable are out of stock at the time the order is placed.

Cables can be produced from existing cables, or from measured drawings with specific details and dimensions supplied. We prefer that the original cables are sent to us to use as patterns as this will result in an exact duplicate of the original. But we can manufacture cables from drawings that include all dimensions and the style and sizes of the barrels, balls, adjusters, etc.

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