Control Levers

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Vintage chrome snowmobile throttle / brake lever for 7/8 bars Raider, Chaparral, Scorpion, Speedway

CODE: Chrome_Thumb-Throttle

$21.99   $15.99

In stock

Vintage chrome snowmobile control lever. Use for thumb throttle or brake lever, use as a universal lever for all snowmobiles with 7/8" bars. Identical to... More

Vintage heavy duty snowmobile universal chrome brake lever for racing

CODE: 100_208PA-ASLH

$24.99   $18.99

In stock

Universal heavy duty lever features wide saddle and strap for more strength, long lever handle for more leverage and faster engagement. Built in cable... More

Vintage Speedway snowmobile brake lever 290, 340, 440, 650, Blue Max

CODE: 100_SW-Snow-Lever

$28.99   $21.99

In stock

New Old Stock OEM brake lever for Speedway snowmobiles. Factory brake lever for all models including 340, 440, 650 Blue Max, etc. Genuine Cherry lever, strap... More