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Fuel fittings - straight, elbow, petcock, check valve, etc

CODE: Fuel_Fitting

$5.99   $3.99

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Assorted fuel fittings for all vehicles. Choice of straight, elbow, petcock, pass through, or in tank check valve. Petcock, straight and elbow fittings for... More

Gits 1/8" NPT brass vent for gas tank, oil tank, USA Made

CODE: 102_102061512

$10.59   $7.99

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Genuine Gits screw in vents for gas tanks, oil tanks, etc. Measures only 1/2" long overall, 7/16" hex with sintered brass element. We use these on a lot of... More

In line brass petcock mini bike motorbike scooter motorcycle shut off

CODE: 101_678038

$19.99   $15.99

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Brass fuel petcock for mini bikes, motorcycle, motorbikes, scooters, even lawn and garden equipment, etc. In line mount fuel shut off fit's both 3/16" and... More

In line dual fuel tank petcock Zero Turn Exmark Hustler Scag lawn mower, go kart

CODE: 118_11273

$34.99   $29.99

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New petcock for dual fuel tanks. Mounts in the fuel line, has dual inlets with a single outlet. Designed to allow switching between the fuel tanks to draw... More

Straight threaded nipple fuel fitting 1/8" NPT

CODE: 118_1345

$4.59   $3.29

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Universal threaded fuel fitting with 1/8" NPT on one end and nipple on the other. Use for attaching fuel line to fuel tanks, carburetor, fuel pumps, etc. OEM... More

Universal 90° tank mount petcock lever style fuel shut off valve

CODE: 118_11271

$22.99   $18.99

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Universal threaded tank mount lever style fuel shut off valve. Mounts in all tanks with 1/8 NPT 90° threaded outlet. Steel valve with 1/4 turn red lever,... More

Universal inline lever style fuel shutoff valve

CODE: 118_868

$18.99   $15.99

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Universal inline fuel shut off valve. Fit's all 3/16" and 1/4" fuel lines, can be used on lawn & garden equipment, go karts, mini bikes, commercial mowers,... More

Universal inline lever style petcock go kart, quarter midget, power equipment, etc

CODE: 100_TM-Petcock

$13.99   $10.99

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Universal inline fuel petcock for 3/16" fuel line. Aluminum petcock with flip lever, On-Off operation with mounting tab. Can be mounted to virtually any... More